Are all e cigarette cartridges the same, can you use them on diffrent brands?

Question by Mr. Who?: Are all e cigarette cartridges the same, can you use them on diffrent brands?
Are all e cigarette cartridges the same?
I bought a e cig online at the only down fall is that it came with no nicotine cartridges! So that sucks. The brand is Health-E cigarette. Anyways, can I use the cartridges from Smoke Everywhere, they have a shop at my mall. So I can jst go to the mall and buy them instead of ordering it online and waiting for it to get here?

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Answer by webcamgirls69
No not all e-cigarette cartridges are the same. I cannot find a picture of the e-cigarette that you have so I am not sure if the smokeeverywhere cartridges will work for you.

If they look like the cartridges that are shown on the page below.

Then the Njoy cartridges might work for you.

Some electronic cigarette cartridges are interchangable but there is no design that is used across the market. They all sort of do their own thing.

If you check out the site below you might find something that resembles the cartridges that your e-cigarette uses. Just browse around. There are quite a few pictures on the site and they cover quite a few of the different brands of electronic cigarettes.

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