TW Marlboro 24mg E-Liquid review

*UPDATED THOUGHTS BELOW IN COMMENTS SECTION* If you love the stale aftertaste a normal (non-menthol) cigarette gives you…this should be your “go-to” for vaping on your favorite electronic cigarette! Mixes well with “mint” flavors to create a solid menthol vape for the rest of us!
Video Rating: 4 / 5 sued by Marlboro & Phillip Morris for using the letter M. For full information see

The world of smoking was changed forever with the introduction of the E Cigarette. It has been called nice things like “the next generation of smoking”. Manufacturers also claim it can help a person quit smoking, and still smoke.

The E Cigarette uses liquid nicotine cartridges and an electric vaporizer. A small battery inside the body of the E Cigarette heats a coil inside of it that turns the liquid nicotine into nicotine vapor. So smokers get the nicotine they crave, without all the harmful additions that came with smoking tobacco.

There are many obvious advantages to the E Cigarette.

Smoking tobacco can seriously damage the lungs and cause many other major health complications. The E Cigarette has no tobacco in it at all, so it doesn't contain the ingredients found in a traditional smoke that might harm or damage the lungs.

All that comes out of the E Cigarette is vapor that quickly disappears.

Many smokers find that smoking has become so habitual that they cannot function without a cigarette nearby. The E Cigarette can provide these people with a safer alternative than the pack a day habit that many smokers admit to.

As a smoking cessation device, the E Cigarette has many promising possibilities, as long as the person wants to quit, and can get the help they need.

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  1. Andrew King says

    hey man, i know it is an old video but still like to get your views. I wish to stop smoking analog and begin with eCigs but have a few questions. I smoke 10 Benson & Hedges a day.

    Which eCig brand should I choose that has B&H taste?
    What quantity should I go with (18mg, 24mg, etc)?
    Is it really worth buying/trying an eCig? I mean, will it really help me quit the analog?

    I feel that I should go with 24mg but I don’t know. I just want to stop analog before I kill myself. Appreciate your help!

  2. Ghstwn says

    That was posted in 2009. You still as much as a idiot in 2012, with the same weak ass camera as you were then? ;D

  3. farrellc76 says

    Dude the poor people smoke because they are morons…people on the yachts know better…Not knocking u…I am a smoker too….

  4. castnbash says

    good vid brian , thanks for the info every try these guys ? valuevapor ?? prices seem right but have no tried it yet last batch I got I was highly disappointed in the stuff was almost as thin as water ( wont say who it was from maybe I got a bad batch ? )

  5. UBRocked says

    Hi…present day I am still 100% smoke free and still vape everyday. I have determined that the 510 and 801 atomizers are my favorite ones but I use the Joye EGO (510 atomizer) and the Joye Stick (302 atomizer which is similar to the 801), and then I usually still puff on my 801 a little throughout the day. I buy most of my stuff from Health Cabin and have mostly tobacco or coffee flavored e-liquids.

  6. Lord Saves says

    An update, how are you doing on your smoking as of the present day–July 3rd, 2010?

    Thanks for posting this vid. I just ordered the marb. 24 mg L-nicotine. Hope I am satisfied.

  7. netherealm2 says

    thanks for the recommendation, i’ll look into it the next time i order some more juice

  8. primeraprim says

    netherealm2 the tw french pipe is nice it is strong but it is a kicker !!! a real tobbaco taste !! the liberty flights diy e liquid concentrate usa/turk mix is a nice vape and the cuban supreme is a strong vape as long as you mix it right with the right amount of nicotine juice ,, i hear THE ULTRAPURE E-LIQUID – IS THE MOST CIGARETTE LIKE JUICE YET?

  9. UBRocked says

    I think all of the Marlboro (aka USA mix) liquids have tasted the same no matter where I got them from. Try Camel, you might like that one better. Also as listed previously, try Flue Cured Tobacco and RY4 as those are both solid flavors.

  10. netherealm2 says

    i was a marlboro smoker before i started vaping and the 36mg marlboro flavor from TW tasted kinda like dry coconut. i donno maybe i got a dud. anyone have any recommendations?

  11. Doomzdayxx says

    I’ve yet to try camel or ry4. flu cured is pretty good. I have some from liquid express, pretty good stuff. and for an all day vape for me, I personally like Hotel from liberty flights, though Ive heard alot of others don’t like it.

  12. UBRocked says

    We better win the Big Ten and another BCS game this year with the team we have coming back! I’m tired of SEC fans talking smack!

    The Marlboro rocks…still is my preferred “all day” liquid. If you like that, Flue Cured Tobacco and Camel, and RY4 would be good choices as well.

  13. RaGaZzAcCiO23 says

    LMAO awesome. “i feel bad for your dad.” AHAHAH! Good review man i guess ill have to try this stuff out. Thanks for the video!

  14. UBRocked says

    BTW, I am vaping Marlboro e-liquid in my 510 and 801 as we speak. it is still my “default” vape when I don’t have a particular taste. Good stuff!

  15. UBRocked says

    Thanks Rob and I’m glad to hear you are having success with the e-cigs! The “feeling sorry for your dad” comment is definitely not a “PC” comment but I am not a PC guy. I don’t really have anything against the gay community but the “that’s so gay” commercials have got to go and when I made this review, they released those commercial in an onslaught fashion. I shouldn’t have to explain what “gay” means to my very young kids because of a PC commercial…just my 2 cents. Good luck to you Rob!

  16. Paneeks1960 says

    Good job with your reviews. I look to YT for all of my E Liquid reviews and I am happy to say that “its been three weeks now since I changes to E Cigs and I pretty much put down regular smokes all together. I am glad you caught yourself with the ‘Dad thing’ that you said because a good journalist can speak to all types of people in the media . Anyway, thanks for your review on this Marlboro L because you just talked me into buying it from TL. Stay strong with your killer reviews bro,

  17. OneNewAtheist says

    This isn’t true. It’s a scam company. They charge over a dollar per milliliter of e-liquid, and about two dollars per cartridge. It’s a ripoff company all around.

    e-cigarette-forum (ECF) has lots of free information. Don’t bend over, or the company that made this ridiculous video will screw you.