American Spirit Cigarettes Is Not Harmful, But Aren’t They Just Listed As “athed” Or “Not Good For Your Health” On Ads?

Natural American Spirit cigarettes are manufactured by the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company and also owned by Reynolds American. The company was started in 1880 and it is one of the oldest cigarette manufacturing companies in the United States, today a division of both tobacco giant tobacco company VMI and the Spanish tobacco firm, Marl the Cuban Cigar manufacturer. They are a division of the Altria Group of Companies (owned by Philip Morris).

They have a long history as one of the top tobacco manufacturers but have been answering questions about their honesty with regards to their smoking ban in some states and in the United States. Many consumers have a difficult time understanding why they would pick up one of their cigarettes when all around them are free from this harmful substance. This is because of what is known as the “capacity rating” that is stamped right on the cigarettes. The higher the number, the less effective and less appealing the cigarette is too many of the most popular media sources. This misleading consumer information has led many to believe that American Spirit cigarettes are a superior brand to cigarettes from other companies that do not use this stamp.

There is no denying that American Spirit cigarettes do have a higher rate of success among smokers than some of the other brands that do not use the “capacity rating”. In the same way that a band that is successful has a unique sound to it, the unique blend of American Spirit cigarettes is able to appeal to their target market. But for any company to maintain a higher rate of success in such a competitive industry as the tobacco industry, they must work hard to ensure that they are truthful in answering questions about the ingredients of their products. Many have claimed that they understand the importance of including the “organic” stamp on their cigarettes but when they go to try them out they discover that this is not the case.

The “organic” American Spirit cigarettes that have recently made their presence felt have been met with mixed reviews by customers who try them. There are those that swear by them and are convinced that the organic component helps to reduce the number of chemicals and additives in the smoke produced by the cigarette. There are also those who claim that these cigarettes are a farce and are filled with false advertising and promotion designed to make money rather than providing a better smoke.

So, what is the real story? Are organic American Spirit cigarettes a scam? No, American Spirit cigarettes are not a scam. The organic component to these cigarettes is the key to their success and the reason why they have become so successful. It has nothing to do with increased popularity or a surge in sales.

The organic ingredient to American Spirit cigarettes is called Stepanovese. Stepanovese is a natural ingredient that is derived from a variety of fruits including blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, and blueberries. The exact origin of Stepanovese is not known, but it has long been used in other types of fruit juices and cigarettes for a medicinal purpose.

By using this ingredient in American Spirit cigarettes you are assured that you are getting something that has been proven to be less harmful than traditional tobacco. Although the government has not approved the use of this ingredient, it is a widely accepted inclusion in European and Asian countries and is found in some less harmful varieties of tobacco. Many descriptors and advertisements for American Spirit cigarettes that appear online are misleading consumers who believe that their product is more beneficial than it really is.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is constantly looking for ways to eliminate dangerous additives and ingredients from tobacco products. In recent years they have been working hard to remove additives like aspartame from sodas and diet sodas. They also removed the cancer-causing additive Asbestos from a number of asbestos-containing products. However, they have not received approval from the FDA to remove all of the additives and ingredients from American Spirit cigarettes. This means that American Spirit cigarettes are not only safer but healthier as well.

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