Are Chalky Sweet Cigarettes Harmful to Health?

Candy cigarettes are usually candy made from sugar, gum, or even chocolate rolled in paper and packed in special cases in order to look like regular cigarettes. There is no smell, taste, or odor, just like regular cigarettes. These cigarettes were first produced by a German candy manufacturer. They have been a huge hit ever since and many people still buy them around the world.

The origin of these candy cigarettes is uncertain, but they were probably manufactured during the industrial revolution in Germany when manufacturers needed something to sell. During those times there was very high inflation and unemployment, and many people were looking for some quick money. One company advertised that if you smoked one cigarette every day for a month, you would receive a certain amount of money back. Many people tried this offer since they wanted to save money. It turned out to be a great success.

Today the world candies are produced in many countries. There are American, Canadian, Brazilian, British, Finnish, Indonesian, Japanese, and Thai versions. Most smokers try their luck by trying out the new ones on the market since they are so much cheaper compared to the original ones. Even though the price is much lower, the flavor is the same as the original cigarettes. In fact, many believe that the new ones don’t even taste that good compared to the original ones.

In the United States, the biggest producer of world candies is Camelot. The company produces different kinds of candy cigarettes like Lucky Green, Slinky Dinks, FunDips, Tootsie Roll and Smoker. Some companies add flavors to their candy cigarettes like blueberries, eucalyptus, and even cinnamon. Many companies also add some brand names to the package such as Hershey’s kisses, Krackel’s candy pieces or Skittles. Other companies sell chewing gum with their cigarette and some even place a small piece of gum in every pack they sell.

Another company called Shocking Sweet is the developer of Pinky swears candy cigarettes. Each pack contains one cigarette and a small piece of candy. Each time you puff, you will hear a disgusting sound that resembles that of a pig fart. To add to the disgusting image, Shocking Sweet also makes a small picture of the Pinky swear in every pack. The picture courtesy of Shocking Sweet looks really disturbing, especially for kids.

Nowadays there is another kind of world confectionery. This time it is flavored smoking cigarettes. Many companies have started producing this kind of cigarette. One of them is Kools.

You can actually find some real things inside the candy cigarettes like gummy bears, cherry blossoms, lollipops, popcorn, and many more. These are usually very small in size as they are made to resemble the real thing. Manufacturers just need to heat up the taffy and then pour it into the mold. They then press it into a stick and add some nicotine. The cool thing about this new kind of world confectionery is that people do not get irritated when they smoke it, unlike the real thing.

So to answer the question, is candy cigarettes harmful to your health? It all depends on the person. It is your choice to decide if you want to buy them or not. There are pros and cons to both options. However, you can always start with giving them a try and once you experience the candy cigarette effect, you will probably be hooked on them. So make the best decision and enjoy your candy cigarettes!

Although the new flavorings and packaging may put many off especially those who have a great liking for candy, the market is full of them and they are not harmful. If anything, people have a tendency to crave them because they taste so good. Many times they become addictive and people who are not used to them, find them hard to control. So to answer the question, is candy cigarettes harmful to your health, it all depends on the user and how often you smoke them.

When looking at the picture courtesy of Dr. Lorraine Rothberg, M.D., editor-in-chief of “Excess Medicine,” you can clearly see the resemblance between the candy cigarettes and actual cigarettes. She also says that if you smoke an eighth of a pack each day, you are exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke, which is considered even more dangerous than the direct smoke from a cigarette. So if you are going to buy a candy cigarette, do not smoke another cigarette either. Of course, it would not be advised for anyone to actually smoke a pack a day either since the chemicals contained in them are toxic and could lead to serious health complications. You should also know that chewing the gum actually releases similar chemicals as smoking a cigarette.

It is highly recommended that those who smoke craves for chalky sweet candy cigarettes that are usually coated in black licorice or sugary marshmallows. They are a bit cheaper than other kinds and you get a better smoke. As with all products sold on the internet, you will probably find them cheaper on eBay. Some people claim that the new variety is unhealthy because of the high sugar content and it leads to weight gain. However, this has not been proven yet. As usual, we recommend you do your research first before making the final decision to buy or not.

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